Within the Ascon Group, quality is considered the key virtue. Our aim is to achieve optimum quality in all areas:

  • Product, Services & Customer Experience
  • Employee Performance
  • Processes & Management


We take a holistic approach to quality, and it is key to the company’s entire philosophy, Quality and steady improvements in quality.

·        We believe that quality of raw material has a direct bearing on the finished product.

·        Our Testing Lab has all the necessary equipment, calibrated by NABL Laboratories.

·        Our trained work force is quality-minded.

·       Our products are tested at each and every stage of production -- starting with raw material. There is continuous testing and implementation of required changes based on results so that fluctuations in raw materials can be minimized.

·        In case of binders, we check purity levels and changes are done during the process.

·        Testing and inspection of the finished product is as per Indian standard specifications.

·        Certain standards have been established through our continuous R&D.

·        Aside from rigorous in-house testing, our raw materials and finished products are also sent to external testing agencies.