Our Technical Services is provided with the aim of educating industry people like Engineers, Architects, Contractors, Masons, Project Consultants, Distributors and Retailers on the finer aspects of new age construction materials. The focus is to deliver value to the customer through more efficient usage.

Masons & Contractors – Our Technical Services department organises skill development programs to help masons and others to upgrade their skills and to understand new methods of construction.

Architects, Engineers & Project Consultants - Technical seminars are organised to help them identify the right materials for safe, speedy, durable and economical construction.

Distributors & Retailers – The training programs are designed to enhance their product knowledge and technical know how, including details of product benefits, features, application techniques and advantages over traditional materials. This is very helpful to develop their self-confidence and improve their interaction with important and high-value clients.

Here are the programs being conducted by our Technical Services department:

Builders & Contractors Meet:

This meet is conducted to spread awareness about new generation building materials. It covers product specification, benefits, cost comparisons with traditional materials, application guidelines, durability aspects, IS Code of Practice, testing and quality control norms. The information also includes care to be taken at the time of product application and after construction at the site. It helps builders and contractors to get the maximum benefits of using Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) and dry mix products in construction -- along with time and cost saving.

Naka Meet:

This event is conducted to educate contractors, masons and construction workers about the Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) laying system, Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) Jointing Mortar application, thin layer plastering, gypsum plaster and dry mix product applications, usage and precautions. Our Technical Services team conducts several Naka Meets across India every year and educates industry people on advantages, features and benefits of our products.

On-site Demonstration:

On-site demonstrations are aimed at construction workers at all levels, to show them the correct way of using different products in construction. This happens at the site where they are working. The Technical Services team demonstrates product application, correct procedure and usage, pre and post-construction care, warnings against irregular practices and explaining their ill effects in construction. On-site demonstration aims to clear doubts about product applications and to get the best results.

Masons Training:

The aim of this activity is to educate and to develop skills of site masons in AAC masonry. We guide them on the complete procedure of Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) laying, block joining mortar, ready mix plastering and gypsum plaster. The instruction is in simple language to ensure that all can understand the norms and correct application procedures.

Consultant Meet:

To share knowledge and experience related to design aspects of Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) structures, we conduct get-together with top civil consultants and structural designers. In this session, we exchange ideas about standard practices as per IS recommendation, laying and alignment of AAC, reasons of cracks in AAC masonry and precautions to avoid it, designing of wall units, placement of bond beam and joint reinforcement, use of lean mortar and provision of control joints and so on.

Factory  Visits:

Factory visits are conducted for engineers, civil works contractors, builders and distributors as well as masons to give them insights on the manufacturing process of Fly Ash Blocks (Aerated Autoclaved) . It covers the complete manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products and its laboratory testing. One can appreciate the standards we adopt to deliver the best quality product in market place.

Product / Technical Literature:

Technical literature of all of our products with all the necessary details is available, including product properties, usage instructions, good construction practices, care to be taken at various stages of construction and other important issues.

Post-Sales Service:

Any problems that a customer faces will be dealt on site by our Technical Services department.  The customer care phone number is in the literature.