ASCOGROUT is a specially modied multipurpose purpose, high ow, non-shrink and cementitious grout specially designed to maintain its strengths at various consistencies from owable to trowelable. ASCOGROUT produce a high strength, plastic expansion, excellent substrate adhesion and durability. The low water demand ensures high early strength.



Heavy equipment
Filling gaps in RCC
Pre-cast concrete
Bearing plates
Steel columns
Anchoring application
Patching / Repairing


Excellent flexural strength & vibration resistance.
For external & internal use.
Excellent adhesion with many substrates.
Single component and needs only mixing with water.
Free flow ensures the high level of contact with bearing area.


Appearance Non-Metallic Grey Powder
Initial Setting Time 4-5 hours
Final Setting Time 5-7 hours
Compressive Strength 55.00 (N/mm²) @ 7 days Flowable
65.00 (N/mm²) @ 7 days Trowable
Tensile Strength (Split) (ASTM C-496) 4.0 (N/mm²) @ 28 days for Flowable Consistency
Flexural Strength (ASTM C-293) 8.0 (N/mm²) @ 28 days for Flowable Consistency


Approximately 12.7 L in Pourable (W/P 0.18)
consistency & 13.6 L in Flowable (W/P 0.16)
consistency per 20 Kg bag.


ASCOGROUT is available in 5 Kg and 20 Kg bag


12 months from production date, if stored in original, unopened packaging in places protected from moisture, sun exposure and frost.




Substrates should be clean & free from all contaminants, loose particles, coatings, dirt, mould, oil etc. Substrates must be sound, rough & dampened to ensure a good bond. Prior to placing grout, the surface should be saturated for a minimum period of four hours and preferably for twenty-four hours. Remove all excess water before placement of grout. Bolts, base plates and equipment must be secure and rigid before placement of grout.



  1. Small quantities of grout may be hand mixed in a concrete mixing pan until lump free. For large quantities and continuous pours, mix using a drill & paddle or suitable mechanical grout mixer for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  2.  Start with minimum water requirements. Always add water to mixer rst, and then slowly add powder. Use only the amount of water required for the desired placement consistency.
  3. Mix in two steps: Add 3.5 L water, add grout, after partial mixing add the remaining water for desired consistency.
  4. Thoroughly mix total quantity for an additional 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. The mix has to be used within 30 minutes.
  6. Test data and recommended water amounts are based on laboratory conditions. Actual eld results may vary based on job site conditions.


  1. Place continuously and quickly. Be sure grout lls spaces and remains in contact with plate.
  2. A minimum of 1” (25 mm) vertical clearance should be maintained for base plate grouting applications.
  3. Thinner vertical clearances may require the use of another type of grout.


  • Pre-washed and graded 3/8” (1 cm) aggregate must be used in applications thicker than 3” (75 mm) as follows:
  • 3”-5” (75 – 125 mm): Add 25% of 3/8” (1 cm) aggregate per 25 Kg bag of grout.
  • 5” (125 mm) and over: Add 50% of 3/8” (1 cm) aggregate per 25 Kg bag of grout.


It is very important to prevent early plastic state moisture loss prior to the product setting. Cure product thoroughly after it has set by keeping it wet and covered, for at least 7 days or apply an ASTM-C-309 curing compound.


Wash all tools & equipment in warm soapy water immediately after use.

* Kindly follow the required health and safety precautionary measures. (Refer our Safety Data Sheet for more details)