ASCOSCREED is a specially formulated non shrink, fast-setting, easy-spread, high strength and self-curing concentrated cement binder. ASCOSCREED is mixed proportionally with appropriate sand and water, provides a shrinkage-free mortar bed and oor underlayment leveling screed that can be easily poured or pumped. ASCOSCREED binder is to create high performance base of screed before any type of tile/stone ooring.



Swimming pool & other Bodies
Floor space of residential and commercial
Industrial flooring


Easy installation (reduces time & costs).
Compatible with all tile-setting mortars, adhesives and floor coverings.
Increased compressive strength.
Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds.
Install tile, stone or any flooring after 6 hours.
Minimal drying shrinkage.
Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours.
Can be applied in wet areas.
Self-compacting – no voids around under floor.


Appearance Grey Powder
Compressive Strength
(ASTM C - 109)
12.5 N/mm² (7 days)
24.0 N/mm² (28 days)
Mixing Time 5 - 10 Min
Water Ratio ± 40 % by weight of ASCOSCREED
Initial Setting Time Around 2 hours
Working Time ± 30 minutes


  • Dry, completely cured concrete (at least 28 days old).
  • Gypsum and light-weight concrete surfaces.
  • Existing ceramic and quarry tiles, porcelain, granite and marble.


13 mm (1/2") 3.3 m² coverage may vary depending on thickness


Available in 20 Kg plastic lined bags.


Can be stored unopened above oor level in a cool dry place for up to 6 months.




All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any contaminates such as dust, oil, wax, grease, curing agents or other substances that may affect adhesion performance. If it is a large area, the surface should be treated by mechanical preparation by grinding or shot blasting. Building debris such as off cuts, sawdust, nails, screws, plaster, wood etc., must be thoroughly cleaned with the help of wire brush - vacuum cleaner - damp sponge.


Trials should always be carried out to optimize the mix design before work commences. The quality of river sand should be graded and approved. The screed is a blend of ASCOSCREED, sand, & water. The mix proportions depend on the availability of local sand. A typical screed mix would be 20/60 Kg of ASCOSCREED, 60/150 Kg of sand with added clean water to achieve the desired semi-dry consistency. All materials should be adequately mixed to ensure full dispersion of materials without lumps.


  1. i. ASCOSCREED can be mixed in common concrete mixer.
  2. ii. Spread/distribute entire ASCOSCREED on the concrete oor and compact mixed screed evenly to the desired thickness, using a long aluminium/steel straight-edge.
  1. iii. Minimum thickness of ASCOSCREED should be 15 mm.
  2. iv. After it is cured, FIXOBOND PLUS or other range of ASCOLITE'S tile adhesives can be used to apply tile/stone.
  3. v. Pot life 30 minutes.


Do not over-water and protect from rain, weather and freezing until cured (24 hours). Protect from foot trafc for at least 3-6 hours at normal room temperature and humidity conditions. Protect from dirt, dust and damage from other trades until fully covered by a oor covering or tiling material. Note: Drying time may vary depending on prevailing temperature and humidity conditions.


Clean mixer, working tools and hands with water while product is still fresh.

* Kindly follow the required health and safety precautionary measures. (Refer our Safety Data Sheet for more details)