Being one of the most important aspects of any construction, basements are at continuous risk of water leakage and seepage from external environment i.e. soil. It is difficult to measure the water pressure that soil may contain from time to time which can penetrate through the RCC walls of the basement. Even the repair of such leakage and seepage can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive.
It is imperative to employ an extensive waterproofing configuration to protect the basement walls from such damage. Investments on waterproofing are way lower in comparison to the continuous repair costs caused by damage of seepage and leakage. Below are some recommended products that can be used for the waterproofing of basements.



Wire Brush

Hammer & Chisel


Putty Knife








   Foundation Protection     Minimum Maintenance
    Increase In Construction Space & Value     No Health Problems Caused
    Peace of mind  


Required Substrate: R.C.C/Cement Plaster

1. Surface preparation: Chipping, dry and wet cleaning. Crack repairing: Ascobond AR 470 & Ascofill. Patch work for leveling: Ascogrout & Ascobond AR 470. 
2. Priming: Ascoprime PU.
3. Coving at wall/oor junction: Ascogrout followed by Ascoseal Tape Roll.
4. Coating: 2-3 coats of Ascoshield PU, where each coat is applied in perpendicular direction to the previous one.


Note: Incase the concrete surface very porous, then it is advisable to additionally follow a polymerised injection grouting system before above application. For more details, kindly get in touch with our technical/sales advisers.
Process designing is important for any waterproofing solution as environmental dynamics, usage, construction design and other factors must be considered. Each requirement will vary in the mentioned aspects, reason for which there cannot be one standard solution/set of products for all situations. It is therefore recommended to consult with our technical team, structural/project consultants and the engineering team at the buyers end before concluding the most appropriate solution.