ASCOPOXY is a solvent free two part epoxy grout and as a set adhesive, offering a unique combination of features and benefits. It has high compressive, exural and shear adhesion strength. ASCOPOXY is resistant to several acids, alkalis, corrosive agents for concrete, cleaning agents, sea water and salted water. It has excellent workability for ooring applications and is easily cleaned with water before hardening. It is designed for grouting gaps ranging 1.5 mm – 15 mm.



where resistance to chemical effect is required
it is ideally combined with special tiles for residential and industrial use
inside & outside floors and wall
Kitchen, bathroom, Swimming pools
Restaurants, malls, Breweries, Dairies, laboratories, hospitals


2 parts thus very easy to apply & clean.
Hygienic & dust free.
Uniform in color.
Excellent water resistant.
Very high mechanical strength – compressive, tensile and flexural.
Excellent bonding & durability.
Excellent resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acid, solvent and stain etc.
Available in wide range of colors.


Appearance Part A Coloured Resin Paste
Part B Thick Liquid Hardener
Solids 100 % by weight
Bulk Densty 1.60 Kg/m³
Pot Life 45 minutes @ 24 °C
Compressive Strength 81.00 N/mm² @ 7 days
Tensile (Split) Strength 11.50 N/mm² @ 7 days
Shear Bonding Strength 6.0 N/mm² @ 7 days
Abrasion Resistance < 240 mm³
Water Absorption < 0.02 g


Depends upon the size of tile & depth/width of the joint. Coverage Calculation (Tile Length + Tile Width) x Tile Thickness x Joint Width x Specific Gravity* / (Tile Length + Joint Width) x (Tile Width + Joint Width) = Kg/m²


ASCOPOXY is available in packages of 1.0 kg and 5 kg in pre-determined mixing proportion by weight. The container of component B is built in the container of component A.


11 months from production date if stored in original, unopened packaging, in places protected from moisture, sun exposure and frost.


ASCOPOXY is available in a variety of colours. Kindly get in touch with our sales advisers for the shade card.




The joints of tiles must be clean, dry, sound and free of all contamination such as dirt, oil, grease, and coatings etc. which hinder adhesion.


Before commencing grouting, ensure the tile adhesive has set firmly. Remove tile spacers between tiles if they have been used. Rake-out any excess adhesive and ensure the joints are free from dust and all other friable loose materials and contaminants likely to prevent the grout bonding. Dampen surface of tile making certain not to leave any standing water in the grout joints.


Part A (resin paste) and B (thick liquid hardener) are packed in two separate containers, in predetermined mixing proportion by weight. The whole quantity of component B is added into component A. Mixing of the 2 components should take place for approx. 5 minutes, using a low revolution mixer (300 rpm). It is important to stir the mixture thoroughly near the sides and bottom of the container to achieve uniform dispersion of the hardener. Do not over-mix; over-mixing will cause the epoxy to flash set.


  1. i. Grouting mixture is gradually poured in the dry and clean joints and is spread using a rubber float or squeegee using a diagonal motion, ensuring that the grout is compacted into the entire depth of the joint.
  1. ii. Remove the excess grout from the surface of the tiles using the float or squeegee, ensuring that the grout in the joints is not dislodged.
  2. iii. Allow the grout to firm up in the joints before cleaning the tiles with a wet sponge or cloth.
  3. iv. Regularly rinse the sponge/cloth to ensure proper wiping of the grout haze on the tiles.
  4. v. Change the water frequently to minimize epoxy residue.
  5. vi. Once the ASCOPOXY has been laid, it must NOT be trafficked upon or disturbed for a minimum of 24 hours at 25 ºC before being given another clean up with a cloth.
  6. vii. If the joints are rough or uneven dress slightly with the help of soft cloth / sponge soaked in soap solution to make it smooth.
  7. viii. The joints will harden within 30 – 45 minutes depends up on weather conditions. After 90 minutes the tile joints will be stiff.
  8. ix. To prevent pinholes and slumping of the epoxy grout, it is important to achieve 100 % fill coverage, with no voids in the joints.


Optimum performance level is reached after 24 hours of curing.


Clean skin with soap and water. Tools and equipment should be cleaned with solvent thinners.

* Kindly follow the required health and safety precautionary measures. (Refer our Safety Data Sheet for more details)