Ascorepell W


ASCOREPELL W, a concentrate water Repellent is VOC compliant, water based, penetrating, breathable solvent free micro emulsion concentrated silanes and siloxanes material. Specially formulated for use on precast and site cast concrete, clay and concrete masonry, sandstone and stucco surfaces where surface darkening is unacceptable. When cured, the appearance of surfaces do not alter and the non-film forming property will allow the substrate to breathe. It can be applied on exterior and interior for a long-term basis.



Exposed brick, Block and RCC work
Stucco walls
Mineral plasters
Concrete roof tiles and unglazed floor tiles
Waterproofing and protection of Concrete constructions
Waterproofing and Protection of Drywall and Cement-boards


Easy to apply.
Fast drying and low odor.
Excellent depth of penetration
Resistance to alkalis.
Breathable - excellent vapor transmission.
Penetrates fully into the surface but will not alter appearance.
Environment friendly


Chemical Base Silanes & Siloxane
Solids 100 % Concentrate
Appearance Milky White Clear after Application
Specific Gravity 0.96 - 1.0 Kg/l
Surface Curing 8 - 12 hours
Full Cure 7 days


ASCOREPELL W should be applied in two coats. 4 – 4.5 m²/l per coat and applied in two layers. This coverage is based on application by spray/ roller/ brush onto a smooth surface in optimum conditions. Factors like surface porosity, temperature and application method can alter consumption.


Available in 1, 5 L jerrycan and 20 L pail


12 months from production date, if stored in original, unopened packaging in places protected from moisture, sun exposure and frost.




All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any contaminates such as dust, oil, wax, grease, curing agents or other substances that may affect adhesion performance. Building debris such as off cuts, sawdust, nails, screws, plaster, wood etc., must be thoroughly cleaned with the help of wire brush - vacuum cleaner - damp sponge.


Do not dilute with water or any other solvents.


  1. i. ASCOREPELL W is pre-mixed and ready to use.
  2. ii. ASCOREPELL W may be applied by brush or paint roller.
  3. iii. Prior to applying to general surface area, pre-treat all cracks, joints, corners and coves first.
  1. iv. Always apply a test patch in an inconspicuous area and confirm the results are acceptable for continuing.
  2. v. ASCOREPELL W is best applied with a low pressure sprayer.
  3. vi. Airless spray equipment is more efficient for larger projects. Can also be applied by brush or roller.
  4. vii. Apply two coats at the recommended rates of coverage.
  5. Viii. Do not allow product to pool on the substrate surface.


Optimum performance level is reached after 24 hours of curing.

* Kindly follow the required health and safety precautionary measures. (Refer our Safety Data Sheet for more details)