Waterproofing Tips and Tricks from the Expert

  • by admin Aug 01, 2023

EVOLUTION OF WATERPROOFING: Since the dawn of civilization, householders have been engaged in a never-ending struggle with water leaks. Waterproofing is regarded as the third-oldest trade after masonry and has a 13,000-year-old heritage. Professional waterproofing contractors are nevertheless constantly looking for new ideas. WHY WATERPROOFING? This is due to the fact that waterproofing o...


The Impact of Excessive Water on Concrete

  • by admin Jul 16, 2023

The presence of excess water in a mortar/concrete mix may facilitate the easy placement of mortar/concrete, but its aftereffect is that it lowers the quality of the overall product. The damage to mortar/concrete structures due to excessive water is very common and the aftermaths due to this are: Strength Reduction: Compressive strength is the major property of hardened mortar/concrete, and...